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Message of the President of NSFK at the reception of 3 staff retiring
07.31.2020 3:09 pm  |  73  |  A+ | a-
Good Morning Everyone. This thank you ceremony should have been held last March but it had to be cancelled because of Covid-19. As soon as the lockdown was lifted, I have asked Therese to find a date when we could have this ceremony. We care for our employees. France, Gerard and Yves have devoted much of their time for NSFK during their many years spent here. That’s why we all meet today to thank them for their good and loyal service and to express them our gratitude.

It should be noted that our 3 faithful employees have retired since last December. Only Gerard and Yves will stay with us for another year. This will not be the case for France, but he will always be welcome at the office during business hours.

Gerard has demonstrated his ability to maintain the Kwantee Pagoda in impeccable condition since he took charge in September 2003. Yves joined our team in July 2005 and he diligently ensured the good functioning of the basement parking despite sometimes not in obvious conditions.

I have known France since 2012 when I joined NSFK as a co-opted member. France is a good person. He is courteous and very helpful. To my knowledge, he never refused to follow my instructions when I asked him to do so. He has served our administration since January 2003 and has always accomplished his work with sincerity and devotion. France is also in a way the memory of NSFK. He witnessed many things that happened behind the walls of Heritage Court. I am sure that some people would like to uncover the many secrets which France is the only one to know. He did reveal a few of them to me but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

France, Gerard and Yves. Aging is inexorable. This is the process of life. You have certainly contributed to the advancement of NSFK during your years here. The members of the Executive Committee and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To conclude, I would say this. To age better, you must be able to live your retirement life surrounded by your relatives and friends.

Take care and Happy retirement.