About us
Nam Shun Fooy Koon is an association of members of the Chinese community who originated mainly from two places in China, namely Nam Hoi and Shun Tak. This segment of the Chinese community is commonly known in Mauritius as the Nam Shun or “Les Cantonais”.

In the early days of Nam Shun Fooy Koon, its primary objectives were to look after the interest of its members, to promote an element of solidarity among the immigrants who were mostly small traders and artisans when they came to town for their businesses and to allow them to share the Nam Shun way of life by preserving the rich traditions and cultures of their ancestors.

With time however, the Nam Shun community has evolved and has expanded and diversified in other fields, many of its members have left the retail trade sector to join other activities in the economy. The role of the Nam Shun Fooy Koon has therefore gradually shifted as well and is now turning more to managing the rich patrimony that has been passed on to the new generation. This includes the management of the assets of the Nam Shun Fooy Koon such as the new Nam Shun Society Building (Heritage Court) in the heart of  Chinatown, the renovated Nam Shun Fooy Koon pagodas at the Champ de Mars and the developments going on in the Nam Shun Society Cemetery at Les Salines, Port Louis.

The management of the Nam Shun Fooy Koon has also not resisted to change and is now in the hands of a committee that comprise both of young and of less young members of the Nam Shun community, thus bringing together the wisdom of its more elderly members with the dynamism and pragmatism of the younger ones. As a result, there is a new Nam Shun Fooy Koon that is born and is transforming the old way of managing the affairs of the association. Nam Shun Fooy Koon is also proud to have contributed to the revival of Chinatown through the various national functions and activities carried out within its new building, the Heritage Court.

The aim of the Nam Shun Fooy Koon has also changed. It is now aspiring to become a financially sound non-profit making institution through income-generating activities to complement the voluntary contributions of its benefactors. This will allow Nam Shun Fooy Koon to carry on with its activities and projects; while promoting the Nam Shun culture and the Nam Shun way of life, which is built up on good principles of life and moral values such as altruism, hard work, self discipline, solidarity, a sense of honour and dignity.