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Earthquake in Qinghai: Solidarity to the people of Qinghai
Sunday - December 12, 2010 6:03 pm
On 14th April 2010, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit northwest China?s Qinghai Province Yushu Prefecture. As of 10:00 a.m on the 20th April 2010 Beijing time, according to local reports, 2,046 people have died, 193 disappeared, and 12,135 were injured. About 15,000 resident houses collapsed. More than 100,000 people need shelter or has to be moved. The situation is extremely severe!

We, Nam Shun Fooy Koon, Mauritius, cannot remain insensitive to these hardships and sufferings. On the 24th June 2010, our Vice-President was delegated to express our heartfelt symphaties and solidarity to the people of Qinghai through the Embassy of the People?s Republic of China. On this occasion, a symbolic cheque was remitted to help all those afflicted by this calamity to get back quickly to a normal life.
Nam Shun Fooy Koon
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