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Letter of thanks to members of Nam Shun Fooy Koon
Friday - October 6, 2017 5:01 pm
Dear Members,
I hope that you are fine and in good spirit. I take this opportunity to associate myself with my colleagues to thank you for choosing us to look after the interests of Nam Shun Fooy Koon at the last Annual General Meeting held in April.
I wish to thank the President, Laval Chan She Ping, and his team, for the good work done during his term of office. The Present Executive Committee is committed to working for the welfare of all its members irrespective of whether you have voted for us or not.
NSFK is an institution having a long history and also well recognised in the Chinese Community. We promise to carry high its flag and with your help, we will succeed.
Since the AGM of 1st April 2017, quite a few things have been done namely:-
1.      Painting of the common areas on the ground floor of Heritage Court
2.      Renovation of the toilets at NSFK Pagoda
3.      Erection of a new staircase at NSFK Pagoda
We also have in mind the renovation of the main wooden staircase of Heritage Court, the construction of a Columbarium for the Chinese Community and the possibility of reviving the construction of apartments and shops at the land next to Heritage Court.
We are exploring new avenues to increase NSFK’s revenues. We are working on ways and means to optimize Heritage Court so as to make it more attractive to visitors. It will, in turn, catch the eyes of interested tenants for the new shops which we intend to add on the 1st floor. Heritage Court is our flagship and we believe that it will be the place to be in a few year’s time. We have more projects in the pipeline and we will keep you informed later on.
We intend to set up a free consultation service for our elders. As such we solicit your help. If you know someone in your family or next of kin who is willing to give us some of his/her time to the Society, kindly let us know. We can then meet to discuss the way to proceed. We have in mind “Doctors”, “Barristers”, “Notaries”, etc… Your suggestions and help are most welcome.
Though we are a small community, we are resilient and pragmatic in our actions. It is worth noting that we have the esteem of the other communities living here as well as that of the Chinese Embassy. We should all be proud to form part of the family of Nam Shun Fooy Koon.
We are a team and together we stand united. Thank You.
Philippe Fok Kan (President)
Nam Shun Fooy Koon
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