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Website News Update
Wednesday - October 7, 2015 10:21 am
Dear Friends,
Time flies!!!  We are already in October 2015 & in a couple of weeks time we will be celebrating Xmas and be partying for the New Year 2016.
What to deduct from above observation?  It's just a simple answer.  As a human being, we have to make the most of the life time left to us and we must strive hard to make our Society a better place to live.
How to achieve this?  We have to be optimistic in life to be successful. We will all experience good times and bad times, that we will all have sad days and happy moments, that nothing in life is permanent, and that our success and happiness depends on our ability to ride these waves of change with composure. Bless the things that life has given you, rather than cursing what you are lacking. Always find the laughter during tough times. This is what we recommend to all of you to follow.
Poo Yeng Centre may be part of the solution if you are encounting stress. We invite you to join this association because you will surely find peace of mind and you will understand that life is worth living. Poo Yeng will be celebrating his 10th Anniversary on the 18th of October 2015 and this association will mark this day by a banquet lunch followed by a Show especially created for this occasion. Poo Yeng Centre offers a palette of courses and you can find one or more courses which may be of interest to you.
For the past months, Poo Yeng Centre has organised quite a few activities. We have in mind the Mother's Day, the celebration of the Music Day and the 2 days Cultural Exchange between Poo Yeng and an association from Reunion Island.
So, do not delay further. Come forward & fill in your membership form so as benefit from these unstressful activities.
Concerning Nam Shun Fooy Koon, apart from celebrating Kwan Tee’s Birthday and Siw Yee, we understand that the Managing Committee has recently welcomed a delegation from GDFAO. The purpose of this visit from the Guangdong delegation was to promote trade along the 21st Maritime Silk Road and to discuss about the ability to protect the Chinese Citizens coming from China to Mauritius as well as those Chinese expatriates working here in case of natural calamities, sickness, and so on...
NSFK will send a delegation headed by the Treasurer, Mr Laval Kwan Pang, to participate at the 3rd Nanhai Worldwide Friendship Federation Conference from the 26th to 28th November 2015.
We have been informed by the President of NSFK, Mr Philippe Fok Kan, that the construction of an extension of Heritage Court, consisting of 16 apartments will soon start. He also stressed that it will take 20 months to finish it.
That's all for the moment.
Will soon be back for more savoury news.
Till then, Bye.

The Website Editing Team
08th October 2015
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