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Revamp Website doted with new features like links to Radio Chanel and China Travel Guide
Tuesday - July 7, 2015 1:16 pm
Dear Folks,
You may have noticed that we have freshened up our website lately. We hope that this lifting will meet your expectations.
For the time being, we invite you to explore two links we have chosen because of their diverse contents.
For those enjoying travelling to China, "China Travel Guide" is a site to consult every time you will be planning a trip there. It contains multitude information ranging from the History of China to the ways and means of travelling there and many more which we recommend you to discover. You can also have its Chinese version in just a click.
"Tunein Radio" is a site where thousands of worldwide Radio Channels are available
live and direct. Whether you are a fan of Oldies, New Wave music, Classical music or World Music, you will surely find a channel which will capture your attention. One Radio Channel, Hong Kong Radio Channel, will particularly interest our elders and we invite you, the youngsters, to help them to tune in to these stations.
Happy browsing!!!
Friendly yours,
The Website Team
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