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Sunday - June 16, 2013 2:51 pm
 Dear friends of POO YENG,

Today, NSFK is celebrating the annual Mothers’ day and we are welcoming all of you to this afternoon event.

It is with the same joy that I am seeing you today, for this special event that has been prepared by you and the coaches of POO YENG.

Personally, I strongly believe that Mothers’ Day is also a Family Day.

But International organizations have declared a day to celebrate Mothers’ Day mostly because of the special thoughts that all of us have for our mothers and in some other ways, to give them the credits that they are really worth of. This celebration started in the US in 1870 and slowly spreads all over the world as a result of which, all across the globe, all human beings do pay tributes to mothers.

Let us give ourselves some minutes to share our appreciations of our mothers.

If we have to list all that our mothers have done for us since our birth, I think that a two hundred pages copybook would not be sufficient to jug down all of these things.

Many of us may neither do realize nor even care for the many good and invaluable tasks that our mothers have accomplished during their lifetimes. This is due to the fact that time has passed by so quickly and all that they have being doing are only taken for granted, leaving the impression that all that they have been doing are normal, nothing special.

Day after day, our mothers, endlessly, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family. They are the ones to be the firsts to wake up in the morning, irrespective of the weather, to look the family and the last to go to rest.

They are the ones who will patiently and diligently look after the education of theirs offspring’s, showing them the values of life.

They will always be ready to attend to our problems. They will listen to their children and will provide them with advices, such a way that they tend to be a family psychologist. Every one of you will undoubtedly agree that it is much easier to share our problems with our mums than our fathers.

Our mums are always caring towards their children, and are even more, if they are not enjoying a good health.

On top of all that, they are the ones to look after the cleanliness of our homes ensuring the maximum comfort for all members of the family. When we are talking about housekeeping, it is all that one may imagine in terms of house tasks.

They give so much of themselves looking after all the members of the family that they cannot even spare some private times for themselves, confirming that they are the main pillars of the families.

I have a special thought for those who have already lost their mothers. It is only after their eternal departure that we come to realize the important role of their being in the family.

It is only then, when we begin to perform all the tasks that our mother was doing, that we come to realize her important role that she was playing within the family circle.

Again, the celebration of today is a way to remember and pay tributes to them, be them already departed or still among us.

We will keep thanking them day after day for all that they have accomplished for us.

Before I conclude, I would like to thank all the participants, the coaches for the efforts that they have been spared all these weeks in terms of rehearsals, the NSFK management team, the POO YENG and NSFK organizing committee members for making this day’s event a success.

Members of the NSFK committee and myself seize the opportunity to wish all mothers a happy Mothers’ Day.

Thank You. 

 DATE: 2ND June 2013


Nam Shun Fooy Koon
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