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Banquet Dinner to celebrate the success of Steffi Chan Chu, Laureate at the HSC Exams 2017
Saturday - June 9, 2018 6:10 pm
NSFK - Speech by Philippe Fok Kan in honour of Steffi Chan Chu & the Honorary Presidents 20.5.18
Distinguished Guests
Presidents of Chinese Societies (Chaks)
Members of Nam Shun Fooy Koon
Dear Friends
Ladies and gentlemen
Good Evening
I am delighted and honoured to have Steffi Chan Chu, Laureate Technical Side at the HSC Exams held last year, and her parents Christian and Ah Chin with us tonight.

We also have the presence of the Honorary Presidents of NSFK to whom we are infinitely grateful. I admit that I feel tiny next to them particularly when considering that they have done a lot for the Nam Shun community.

I would ask the Honorary Presidents to forgive me for I will first pay tribute to Steffi before theirs. I hope they wouldn’t mind because I sincerely believe that Steffi deserves it. Steffi represents the youth of today and of tomorrow's generation. There will be many challenges for them in the near future and the Nam Shun community is putting a lot of emphasis on our youth to take over.
Steffi, NSFK Society would like to congratulate you for this brilliant performance. I am very happy for your parents who have guided and encouraged you throughout your studies. The interest of parents in their children's studies is one of the best guarantees of success.

Steffi, you sent me a summary of your school career and the first thing I have noticed is that you have a great interest in pastry. It's good because I love pastry. I hope you will invite me one of these days to have tea and to be able to eat some of your creations. Steffi will pursue her tertiary studies in September 2019 at the University of Surrey for a BSc in International Hospitality Management. In the meantime, she is a pastry trainee at the Hotel Labourdonnais until the end of the year. Then she will head to London at the “Cordon Bleu” to further perfect her knowledge of pastry. She is a versatile girl because, in addition to being brilliant in studies, she likes cooking and she excels just as well as playing the Piano and the Guitar.

 Steffi, the entire community of Nam Shun, members of the Chan Clan and the Sino-Mauritian community are proud of you. I have an anecdote to share with you. I am in my 4th term as President of NSFK and during my first three terms, we always had a laureate. Coincidences or not, it's up to you to draw your own conclusions. I can’t foresee the future but I hope that you will return to Mauritius after your studies to allow us all to enjoy your pastries at your Pastry Shop. I wish you much success in your tertiary studies, and I conclude by quoting this philosophical citation from Nelson Mandela that I invite you all to ponder on it. I quote "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
Now, the tribute to our Honorary Presidents. It is a very solemn moment because to my knowledge it is a first time event. Nam Shun Fooy Koon would like to thank our Honorary Presidents namely (1) Mrs Josee Chan Pong (2) Mrs Sam Moi Leung Kwok Wah (3) Mr Ah Fock Tang Kan (4) Mr Ah Kai Chan Tit (5) Mr Berty Sam Wai Pang for their contribution and dedication to the advancement of our Society.

I understand that the Honorary Presidents who have left us have never been entitled to this honour. Today we want to rectify this. It is never too late to correct that and we associate the tribute we pay to our five Honorary Presidents to them also. Where they are, I hope they will appreciate.

I know Mrs Chan Pong since joining NSFK. She is the most Cantonese of the Hakkas and she has also presided over the destiny of NSFK. She is always ready to advise us if need be. Mrs Leung Kwok Wah is a discreet person who has always supported us. She has often served as an interpreter when receiving delegations from Namhoi & from Suntak. Mr Tang Kan is a brilliant businessman who is respected in the Sino-Mauritian community and has always helped our Society if we appealed to him. Mr Ah kai Chan Tit is a kind and caring person to whom we can confide. I know him as someone with a gentle and affable character. He has helped us a lot on many issues requiring his legal expertise. I met Berty Sam for the first time in 2010 when a delegation of about fifty members of NSFK went to Namhoi and Suntak at the invitation of these two Municipalities for a world wide meeting of "Overseas Chinese". Berty was the head of this delegation and since that time we have become friends. He has served two terms as President of NSFK and he is always keen to help. We have presently entrusted him with the responsibility of supervising the construction of a Columbarium and he has kindly accepted this task.

The Honorary Presidents are men and women of great wisdom and great humility. They have contributed much of their time to NSFK and we must never forget that.

Before I conclude, I would like to thank, on behalf of NSFK, Steffi's dad for offering Whiskey and Sow Chu. I extend my thanks to the team behind the organisation of today’s event. Hats Off!!!

I join hands with my colleagues from the NSFK Executive Committee to warmly congratulate once more Steffi for her success and also to thank our Honorary Presidents for their invaluable contribution to NSFK.

A big BRAVO to you all.

Thank you for your attention
Nam Shun Fooy Koon
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