The Nam Shun Society Cemetery at Les Salines covers an area of nearly 9 acres. It extends from Stevenson Street down to Les Salines seafront. The cemetery is under the management of Nam Shun Fooy Koon.

The “old” section of the cemetery extends over an area of some 2 acres and contains a number of tombs of the early Chinese immigrants from Nam Hoi and Shun Tak that is characterized by their peculiar dome-shaped tombstones. Most of the descendants of these first Chinese have returned to China or have settled in other parts of the world. Thus the reason why these tombs have been left with no one looking after them and so have unfortunately been battered by the vagaries of nature and looters. Restoration of this section of the cemetery is eagerly being contemplated by Nam Shun Fooy Koon. Besides these peculiar dome-shaped tombstones, the cemetery has also two shrines where the Nam Shun community every year pay their respects to the departed ones and this on two main occasions, namely “Hang Heng” & “Siw Yee”- (Fêtes des morts).

The “new” section of the cemetery adjoins the “old” one and is separated by a small water-course. This section has been developing very fast these five years, with rows of “high-rise” burial vaults being built. A nominal contribution is expected from the beneficiaries of the cemetery facilities to keep the place in clean and safe conditions.