Poo Yeng Centre was launched on 25 January 2005 with the prime objective to revive the previously well-known Poo Yeng

School's cultural activities, which were missing among the Chinese community in China Town.

Poo Yeng Centre is managed and controlled exclusively by Nam Shun Fooy Koon and it has the following main objectives
  • To promote and preserve Chinese culture
  • To bridge the gap between generations
  • To generate and develop a sense of self-achievement and a sense of togetherness
  • To provide opportunities for interaction and to create opportunities for health promoting leisure.

Facilities at PYC

By its location, Poo Yeng Centre offers an ideal meeting place for all members of the community.

Poo Yeng centre endeavours to be the Centre of Excellence and as such it has an established Codes of Conduct for all its


Numerous activities have already been set up by our dedicated volunteers to enable or members to presently benefit from a

wide range of classes covering Tai Chi, Line Dance, Beading, Chinese arts/Calligraphy, Computer awareness courses as well

as Cantonese, Mandarin ad alphabetization courses.

Poo Yeng Centre is also proud to have organized the following activities which all had a positive feedback and response from

all its members:
  • Mothers' Day
  • Fun day
  • Christmas Day
  • Outing