President's Message

                                                       Dear Members and Friends of Poo Yeng Centre,

It is with renewed pleasure that I address you once again these few words as President of Poo Yeng Centre.

Since the opening of our Centre in January 2005, the popularity which Poo Yeng Centre enjoys in the community has not faded. And this can be measured by the continued adhesions we receive every year and the high level of participation to our annual events and outings. This continued gain in interest in our Centre can only be achieved through innovation and hard work. Likewise, feedbacks on the quality of the shows, sketches and dances, not to mention the quality of our decors, costumes and set-ups for our Fun days, Mothers’ Days and of our shows during our participations in the Chinatown Food and Cultural Festivals editions and others are all excellent measures of our success.

And all the merits of this go first, to the unconditional commitment of our coaches, members and staff who are working so hard to put our Centre on the road to excellence.

Prospects for the Centre are ever bright and results are encouraging. However we must not sit on our laurels, we must constantly re-think our activities for our own betterment. Our Centre will not exist without our members and so their involvement in all activities and their feedbacks are the keys to gauge their “feel good factor”. It is by empowering our members and creating the right medium for health promoting leisure that we will be able to forge our Centre into a caring Centre.

Dear members and friends, before I end my address, let me once again send my warmest thanks to you all, coaches, members and staff for your unflinching support and commitment and for making our Centre, the Centre of reference in our community.

Long Live Poo Yeng Centre.

Stephen TANG CHU