Historical Fact

The early Cantonese immigrants came from Nam Hoi and Shun Tak and formed an informal association of mutual help around 1860.

This mutual and friendly help society was officially registered under the name of " Nam Shun Fooy Koon" on the 26th June of the year 1894 and the constitutive acts as well as the Rules, Regulations & Principles to govern all those who adhere to the society were enacted.

The first President was Mr Affan Tank Wen. The official proclamation of Nam Shun Fooy Koon probably encouraged more Cantonese to come to Mauritius because two years later in 1896, among the 708 Chinese immigrants who arrived by the ship " Wuotan", the majority were from Toi San, Nam Hoi and Shun Tak. The Cantonese from Nam Hoi and Shun Tak were known as Nam Shun and most Nam Shun still speak with the Shun Tak accent in this part of the world.

The aim of the newly registered "Nam Shun Fooy Koon" was to unite in a same mind all honest workmen and industrious friends of humanity of the Chinese respectable community, to establish a fund for the purpose of helping the members who will be in need, sick and unable to work, the widows of its members who will have a good reputation.

Our forefathers were very wise, cautious and strict in their approach. They declared among other things that " all political or religious questions were strictly prohibited" at committee meetings. Gambling was also formally forbidden in the society's premises and also "no assistance would be given for the illness of any member if such illness is due to his negligence, fault or to misconduct, debauchery or drunkenness."

Our founder ancestors were not only compassionate but also wanted to instil self discipline and good conduct among their members.

The celebration of the inauguration of Nam Shun Society Building (Heritage Court), on 22nd May 2004 was indeed a fitting occasion to pay tribute to our ancestors who handed down to us, the present generation, not only material possessions in the form of immovable properties but also good principles of life and moral values such as altruism, hard work, self discipline, solidarity among our members, a sense of honour and dignity. For all these, we Nam Shun will be forever grateful to them and may we all be inspired to make a better Nam Shun Fooy Koon to pass on to the next generation!